Monday, March 14, 2011


We have been coming to Arizona for the last six years. Today is the first time I came face to face with the aforementioned Skunk Pig.

We are staying at a B&B east of Tucson for a few days...right next to the Saguaro (pronounced Sa WAR o) National Park. It is a lovely spot overlooking the desert which is much higher here than Phoenix, but desert, non-the-less. The home is outside the city limits of Tucson in an almost rural setting. This is coyote, road runner, and Javelina country. About dusk our hostess went out to feed her rabbits and low and behold she hollered at us that there was a herd...14 in all...of these little divvils.

They are vicious little suckers and we were protected by a stout fence embedded in brick, so we felt safe. I, for one, do not trust them. I'm thinking that they might jump that fence if they wanted to.

But as I told Gaila, our hostess, I got to check one more thing off my Arizona bucket list.

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