Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

I learned something new today during our visit to Desert Museum: Baby Ocelots can following their mothers in the dark by looking for the white spots on the back of her ears.

We ventured the 25 miles west of our B&B into the next valley for our educational tour. It was an adventure that took us past the University of Arizona campus (which is gearing up for the first round of NCAA basketball) and over a mountain which yielded an amazing look into the next valley. The view was the Sonoran Desert...and the Western Saguaro National Park. Lots to look at and take in. Incidentally, the temperature was a balmy 85 degrees under cloudless skies. We did a lot of walking, but we really felt we got to know the Tucson area much better.

When we got back to our B&B it was time for some outdoor relaxation at the pool while we were pampered by our hostess. Oh yes, no Javalina today, but we got another treat: a show by a Road Runner. Gaila, our hostess, feeds this bird out of her hand when it appears. The Road Runner likes raw hamburger. This is not a daily visit, but we were lucky enough to witness the spectical. I have some shots, of the bird walking on the windowsill, but due to its dull plumage, it is hard to make out sometimes. And it does not say, "Beep-beep" but rather a squawking sound. It is unique.

Javelina one day, a Road Runner the next...who knows what tomorrow will bring as we head out in the late morning to head home, right through the Sonoran Desert?

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