Sunday, January 02, 2011

Pacific City/Cape Kiwanda

I have frequently written about our favorite Coast spot, Pacific City. This is a picture taken about 60 years ago before all of the development. Pacific City is to the right of the bridge and on the east side of the river (Big Nastucca) and Cape Kiwanda is the point out at the top of the picture. The Pacific Ocean is, of course, the left side of the picture. Both sides of the river have been built up with houses (right in the Sunami zone.)

We were out there last week for three days. Actually, the cottage we were staying in is visible in this photo...the second building on the river above the bridge. The cottage has been updated and is a lovely spot to spend time in the sun or the rain. In fact, the river was at the top of its banks at high tide (Big Nastucca flows backwards rapidly at high tide.)

We love the ocean and walked the beach in a light mist on Tuesday. What was interesting was that on Wednesday, the day we left, there was snow falling at times. Wild.

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