Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Pacific is angry

After a beautiful day yesterday and a light rain last night, today turned hard-core. We knew this was coming; forecast for days. I grilled outside for breakfast under the awning, but by noon, the wind dictated that I roll it up for safety. That did not deter football watching. (They have good cable here.)

We went to the pizza parlor for supper and then down to the beach for a short walk. The wind was ssw at 30, gusting to 45. I remember my wind speeds from my navy days. The boys were undaunted and took the brief rain-free opportunity to play in the sand. The dog ran like he does when he is at the coast. He even envisioned members of the family who were not there. Believe it or not, there were surfers. He was sure Brendon was one of them. He saw a tall dark haired young women with a camera and ran to her for a sniff. In fairness, the wind was at his back so he had to use sight recognition. Still, I am not sure he believed what he saw at closer inspection.

Back to the camper...more football. It is so nice to be on the West Coast on game day. The "late games" run between five and eight in the evening and the really late games...well take or can watch and not impinge on sleep.

But the Pacific was angry. The waves were high and churning. Why souls would even venture into the surf is beyond me. Fortunately, they got out of the water while we were there, so Aleene breathed easier. That is when Frodo determined Brendon was not among them.

The rain is back to pelting force again, but we are cozy and dry. While the Pacific rages, we are at peace.

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