Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching up

(The picture is a file photo, which is why Truman looks smaller...he is much taller, now.) We have been dancing back and forth from sun to rain and back again. This week is summer: 80 degrees and full sun. Yesterday it rained and didn't reach 70. Thus is the life in the PNW. I am back to making iced tea again and we are closing the house up when the outside temp exceeds the inside temp.

Aleene is growing stronger by the day. She actually lets people near her, now and I think Amy hugged her. I won't comment on my attempts. (LOL people.) She goes to the doc in another couple of weeks, but I can tell she is mending.

The garden at church is wrapping up. I took over 200 pounds to the food bank this morning. We are close to 2,000 pounds which is what we hit last year. I am not sure how much money we have generated. The corn is done, the beans are done, the tomatoes are still doing. In fact, with temps last night only in the low 60s, I am thinking that we will have tomatoes for a couple of more weeks...if I let them live that long. We want everything gone by October 15 so we can get our cover crop in. The heavy work still exists with tearing out the main line of the irrigation system and pulling the posts that support the fencing we grow the beans and tomatoes on. I do have help for that.

I made reservations for camping at Pacific City next week (October 7-10) since the boys get the 8th off for an in-service day and that weekend is the mom and pop's anniversary weekend...aren't we nice to take the boys camping?

I have some things to do to get the motor home in shape, but that will not take much. I had it running last week...generator, a.c. and then, the furnace. We will be set for anything...perhaps even a little crabbing, since our choir director is going out to their cottage and is taking the boat. Dungeness crab (the big read ones) are good eating.

We are headed to Florida on October 19th for ten days. We will be at Sebring, Sarasota (Penn State, DTS, reunion) and Ft Myers. We fly in and out of Orlando. Hopefully, there will not be any late Hurricanes.

So, summer is back, but everything is green again from the early fall rain...September is the best month, I think, to live in Oregon.

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