Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome home Finn

You have to know the Knothes from Winona, Minnesota to understand this post. It is all about their love of Shetland Sheep dogs, you know the ones, those with Galic roots we call Shelties. That is why this picture is so special. Finn is number three that Terry and Jane have undertaken to train and rear.

The first was Bandit, who lived up to his name in that he wore a red bandanna around his neck just in case, I suppose, he wanted to live up to his name. Bandit was around when we were making regular visits to see our Minnesota families. I would presume that Bandit goes back 26 or 27 years.

But dogs lives their lives fast and about 13 years ago Beau became the center of their love. Both were sable...looking like miniature Lassies, only cuter since they did not have Roman noses. This summer Beau took his leave in what must have been a real tough departure on Terry and Jane's 32nd wedding anniversary.

It is hard losing a pet, especially those that are trained in a manner that lets them interact with humans almost as if they were something other than pets. While I did not know Beau as well as Bandit, what I did see was a very bright dog who looked like his predecessor.

Jane said that she did not want another sable...just too much of a reminder of Beau, so she went looking for the right one. Unfortunately, there were no Shelty pups within 500 miles of Winona.

After an internet search she found a breeder in Wichita, KS with just the right pup. Finn made his journey by air from Wichita, with a one hour layover at O'Hare before arriving in Rochester, MN. The video is the first tie Jane and Finn meet. I love this scene...bonding between "mother" and pup as they head through the next 15 or so years of life together.

Jane and Terry are special people...and not just because Niece Jane and I go back to those days in the early 1960s when I spent two summers with her family while in college. It is hard to believe that 50 years have passed since then...so many good memories and so many special people. All the emotions are bound up in this moment of realization that life is short and that there is a new family member to share it with:

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