Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raining in Oregon

So what's new? It is raining, again. It must be fall. After a long summer dry spell, moisture has returned to the Pacific NW. "It is too early in the fall for rain," a local resident told us this morning. He may be right, since the rain usually holds off until at least October. But no matter, it is raining and the garden (at church) is muddy.

I have been working there about two hours a day this week as we prepare to do our final pick and pull out plants. Tomatoes and corn, while late, have been booming lately. We gave up on the summer squash...those plants are gone. Winter squash will be picked this week...then out they go. The beans will be gone this week too. Poof. Out they go.

The garden has been good for me this summer. I took over the watering responsibilities when our head waterer moved in June. We have a 1 1/2 inch water line running down the middle of the garden. There were 13 timers hooked up to it and 2,3,or 4 soaker hoses off each timer. Those are all put away, but the big water line has to come out this week. We also use 8 foot sections of woven fence attached to metal posts. The fence will come out this week and the posts when I get some help. We use this combo for tomatoes and beans.

Rain is here and so is the end of the garden season. It is almost time to relax and take some time off. Maybe a trip to Florida along about the middle of October...oh yes, that is the goal. I hope it is not raining down there.

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