Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aleene update: color her blue (as in black and)

She is mending. After the initial illness brought on by the pain meds, she "only" has aches, pains and sore areas...and colorful ones at that. Remember that she does have a fractured clavicle.

She doesn't allow pictures, but she has become part of the rainbow coalition in her left shoulder and neck area. Sore ribs? check; swollen knees? both scraped and b&b; colorful hip? yep, that too. She walks slowly, but is gaining strength. Probably will go to the doc (orthopod) next week as a follow up. So, unless she allows pictures, just be aware that things are slowly improving and will likely not be mentioned here again.

Oh yes, I am using my cooking, clean-up, and food related skills :).

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