Monday, August 23, 2010

Aleene vs. RR tracks :(

We took a short bike ride yesterday in the beautiful part of the afternoon to check out an address she was looking for (yoga related). On the return trip I insisted on the "long way around" to get on the newly paved street...but lo, to get from where we were to where I wanted to go we had to traverse a single RR track. She got her front wheel caught in the "groove" and spilled...a perfect four point landing: left shoulder, both knees and her head.

The helmet protected her head and her jeans ameliorated the knees (there are bruises) but the brunt of her weight went on her shoulder...the left collar bone fractured.

Fast forward to the hospital ED and two hours of waiting, radiology and sling fitting we left with a script...just late enough to miss the local pharmacies. I got her settled and took off for the 24 hour Walgreens in Tigard about 15 miles away.

She slept the night thanks to the drugs, but also thanks to the drugs, she got sick to her stomach (we told them she did not tolerate opiates) and has been horizontal whenever possible until those nasty pills wear off. Of course, back come the aches and pains with nothing to mask them.

All in all she is doing well, but it sure was a hic-up in her plans. Thanks to all who have sent statements of concern.

Oh yes, the helmet took the sting out of the head problem there, but an assurance from the ED staff that most bike accidents they see are helmetless...not good.

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