Monday, October 12, 2009

Hearing aids

I got my first hearing aid in 1997, I think. It was an analog device, very comfortable to wear and a good way to break into the HA business. I wore it for two years and oops up comes digital devices. I replaced the oldie with an updated version. I had the analog device updated with a new ear piece so I could wear two of them at the same time. That did not work. Analogs hiss a bit and to have quiet in one ear and hiss in the other drove me nuts. So I bagged the little sucker up and put it away.

This summer, after ten years, I LOST my digital device while jumping back and forth from day shift to night shift, etc. It never made it out of Hermiston with me. I began the process of getting the VA involved, which is going no where fast. But alas to day I rediscovered my first aid.

I plunked in a battery and hiss and all, I am wearing it. I enjoy being able to hear consonants again (S, T, K, especially) and will have it in my ear as I began my third year reading to kids in the SMART program at our neighborhood school. I did not need that new fangled (albeit 10 years old) HA anyway.

What's that you say? Eh?

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