Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back in Boyne City

After spending the weekend in Muskegon, we traveled north again today. When we got up there was heavy frost on the car...and soon after, bright sunshine shone through. I think the temp was 24 this morning.

There is mega road construction going on in Michigan. The main N/S route here is US 131 and it is closed north of Cadillac all the way to Kalkaska while they replace bridges. As a result we followed the detour through the Michigan countryside on a bright day in the middle of the color season. Beautiful.

But, before I go too far let me comment on Saturday's wedding. Hilary married Fred in what was a most beautiful ceremony. It was held in Central UM church in old, gothic structure with beautiful inlaid wood (not surprising) paneling. They have a beautiful pipe organ and a very capable organist. There was a brass quartet and together with the organ they gave the most beautiful prelude and postlude at a wedding that I have witnessed.

Hilary's parents, Ron and Susan Hansen, served was our parsonage family for nine years in the nineties. Randy studied for and was awarded a D-Min while they were with us. That is where Randy and I worked closely together. After high school, Hilary graduated from Albion College and went to Chicago and landed a job on the staff of Field Museum. She has progressed from there and at 31 had developed into a most attractive and confident young woman. Chicago is where she met Fred.

So the wedding was fun and so was sitting with some of long-time Fennville friends. Blessings to the new couple: Mr. & Mrs. Fred Sanders.

Mary and her daughter Trisha's family went to Missouri for the weekend. They get back Monday evening. We ate lunch with Jeff and Karlie who was with her friend Dustin. We then came to our BC digs and settled in for the remainder of the day napping and watching some football.

So here we are back in Boyne City at the foot of Lake the heart of Northern Michigan at a beautiful time of year.

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