Friday, October 09, 2009

Let's get on with it

Well, I made it to 68 :-)

We are focusing on traveling to Michigan next week. We leave on Tuesday at noon our time. We fly into Minneapolis and then a hop down to Traverse City, MI. By that time it is going to be 11:00 EDT, so we are staying at a motel not far from Cherry Capital Airport. We will drive the 75 miles over to B-Falls on Wednesday. Jeff is calling for cold and wet weather I guess I will not pack shorts this time.

We will be attending a wedding on Saturday evening. Hillary Hansen, the daughter of Randy and Susan Hansen, is marrying her Chicago beau. That is taking place in Muskegon. Our plan is to travel to Muskegon on Friday afternoon and then meet some friends for supper in Grand Haven on Friday. Saturday, we will be seeing some other friends at the wedding. Sunday, we will head back north to Boyne Country.

Jeff is working some of the time, afternoons I think, so our time with them will be limited. Tuesday p.m. we head back to T.C. to stay all night there since we have a 5:30 a.m. flight to MSP Wednesday. We get back to Portland at noon on Wednesday. It should be fun.

We have had beautiful weather here the past two weeks. Cool mornings give way to 70ish temps in the afternoon. We have had a rather lazy week. We pulled out all of the plants in the garden, so there is nothing left to do there. I go the house ready for winter, but will have to rake leaves and clean gutters several times this fall. Our curly willow has leaves just the right size to clog things up.

We have been walking every day...two miles, and the evenings have also been welcoming for a stroll up the street for a cup of coffee. Our favorite coffee house is four blocks away and we love to hang out there. Actually, Aleene and I have been frequenting the Coffee Cottage for about ten years. They were the only one in town then. Now there are quite a few.

So, world, I am ready to face you with determination and energy. My watershed is past and the future holds no limits. Never thought I'd make it.

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