Saturday, July 25, 2009

Old Fashioned Day Parade 2009

The parade goes past our house. Over the past nine years Amy and Brendon's family and friends have assembled here to watch it on our front yard. We love having them because some of the folks were strangers at first, but now are part of our ever enlarging circle of friends. As one of the guys said to me, "There sure are a lot of Quakers here!" Well, I guess when you have folk from George Fox University, Newberg Friends Church, North Valley Friends Church two or three intertwined families who are Friends and oh yes, several people who work with Brendon at the Friends Yearly Meeting (NW Quaker headquarters.) We have a ball. They just show up with all their kids and we furnish coffee, water and pottie facilities.

We met a couple today whom we see at the track frequently. They turn out to be the parents of one of the pastors at Newberg Friends (we call it Big Friends) Church, which is just two blocks from us.

The kids have a blast picking up candy and watching fire trucks and listening to bands (ensembles) and dancing girls and floats. We have fun watching them. After an hour or so, they all go home and I pick up the very few candy wrappers that are left behind.

There was a lot of interest in the kitchen, so Aleene conducted several tours. The four day event that started out here years ago as Farmer-roo and is now Old Fashioned Days goes through Sunday evening...ending with a hymn sing. Did I say it is held at the park that is just four blocks from us? I think that is where we are going for supper tonight...then cake for the final birthday celebration for Tru.

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