Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too cute

We had Tru's "final" birthday celebration this evening. It was cake with his cousins and one of his paternal grands. The kids are all growing up. There is Benjamin, the oldest at nine and a half...then Tru. Sicily is almost seven and her sister Sadie just turned five and finally Ashie who is 4 1/2. You can ID them in the picture. These are Brendon's sister's (Erinn and Ron Hampton) kids. Nanee and her husband Gary were also there, but I didn't catch them in the cake pictures. They are in the other set I posted earlier.

If you are a serious reader of the blog, you might have noticed I put some factually incorrect information down about a couple that was here in our yard this morning. I heard about it (thankfully) and corrected it. It is always good to be edited by those in the know.

Back to the cake. It is a Pokemon character that Tru told Grammy he some creativity, there it was. Delicious. Tru got the candles lighted and blown out with great dispatch.

The Hampton kids and the Connelly boys play well together. Tru does lots with Sicily. And he and Bennie were sleeping out tonight (I think I am right.) Asher and Sadie were playing cowboy dress-up when we left.

We spent two hours in the sun this afternoon picking beans and squash at the church garden. We are in charge this week so that means an early morning get-up to be back in the garden by seven and ready for veggies to sell at the 8:15 service. We will pick lettuce and chard in the morning so that it is fresh. So without any excuses I will report that I am signing off to go to bed.

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