Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lazy, hazy daze of summer

Our friend and contractor, Paul, and his wife have a farm on top of a hill...about 1,000 feet above us, here in the Valley. Paul is 71 and raises dogs (Huskies with blue eyes), hydrangeas, bees, several types of berries, and... kiwi fruit. He called at noon to tell Aleene he and Pat (his wife) had picked some Marion Berries (hybrid between blackberry and raspberry developed by Oregon State and named after the county in which OSU resides) and wanted to share them with members of our Thursday Morning Bible study. So we drove up and I snapped a few pix to share with the blogisphere.

Paul is an interesting guy...originally from Dayton, Ohio, they have lived here since the middle seventies. He has all these projects to keep himself busy in retirement. Remember I said he was our contractor who built our addition and redid our kitchen. He is a busy boy.

They live at the top of the hill and to get there you travel about five miles through some of the most picturesque wine grape vineyards I have seen. I did not take a picture of them, but will some time.

Marion Berries are characterized by being huge and...few, if any seeds.

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