Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why FaceBook will not end my blogging

Brendon blogged yesterdayy that Face Book had "Killed his blog." Well, I thought about that and while Face Book has changed how I communicate with some people, I will continue blogging for several reasons:
1) Not all my friends and family members choose to be on Face Book.
2) I do not get the freedom on Face Book to expound about events that attract my interest.
3) While Face Book is good for fast, often direct or instant messaging, I like to lay my little gems out for the world to see and then go hide in the shadows of time until they find them.

I wrote a piece on a pub we visited in Duddingston, Scotland and scored over 100 hits from around the world just on the name alone. People hear about it, Google it, and up comes my little old Pappy's thingy and bingo.

Also, there is someone else blogging under the name of Pappy and people find their way to my site. I hope he is legit, because lots of people try to find him.

All this has meaning only to me. I check my site meter periodically just to see how many and from whence commeth my readers. While I do not see names, I see the location of the ISP they use, the operating system, etc. So when I see Verizon from Salem, OR on a MAC OS, I think...Amy. Or SBC Global from Michigan, I think...Margot. And I know only one family in Midlothian, VA or Kassen, Minnesota. Get it?

So I will continue to blog and not let my dutiful readers hanging out to dry because not all folk like to be on Face Book.

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