Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grandparenting means going to school programs

Tru's spring school program was this evening. There are three observations I would like to make: (1) It is always fun to watch the energy and learning and the development that takes place in elementary musical programs. It is something that I always enjoyed either at church or at school functions...little kids learning how to sing and move and memorize. The theme of the show was the weather and Truman briefly played a scientist (weatherman) in one sketch...then was part of a chorus line of boys who performed Frosty the Snowman and also a part of a larger chorus.

(2) I got to sit next to a former elementary teacher who knew most of the songs the kids were singing. Songs that I had never heard before. She didn't sing along, but she was busting up inside.

(3) And for those of you who attended a talent show at the Fennville United Methodist Church sometime around 1975 will perhaps remember a very frightened young girl singing the first line of Suzy Snowflake. Well, the scene played itself out again tonight, but this time the kids singing made it all the way through. However, the glances went up and down the row we were setting in. Talk about special meaning and all it took was 35 years and the son's school program of the young singer to bring it alive one more time.

It was fun and I won't miss another program as long as I am able.

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Amy Lutz said...

Truman's class singing Suzie Snowflake was a huge surprise. I told him the whole sad sad story while walking home. Glad you were there. Always glad you are here.