Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bear Run issuing forth at Fallingwater

Bear Creek issuing forth at Fallingwater
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This is my picture at Fallingwater. If you notice the run is full. The publicity pix that are on line and in their brochure have the run at barely a trickle. The day we were there the water was screaming over the falls.

I wrote about our visit on another post, so I will save you a repeat of my observations. This is a delightful view nestled into the hillside. The water does not flow under the house. It flows under the cantilevered parts, in a side swipe effect. Only the living room is over the water. The core of the house to the left is anchored into rock. There are posts behind the "core" that are anchored into the hillside.

There was speculation that the cantilevered part would sag, and they did, but were shored up years later.

It was a wonderful tour and well worth the entry fee, if only because you know that part of the money is going for the upkeep of this masterpiece.

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