Friday, May 08, 2009

Visiting Lynchburg

You probably know Lynchburg from Jerry Falwell, or Liberty University. That is the present. In the past...distant past, Thomas Jefferson was a vacation resident here. His wife's father willed the couple 4000 acres, a working plantation, and on it Jefferson built his retreat home he called Poplar Forest.

We visted there yesterday. It is in the restoration phase having been owned by others for the past 200 years.

The main house is being restored inside, back to its 1809 state. What a wonderfully grand place it was. Jefferson designed it himself with its octagonal shape and classic Greek architecture. He visited the site about twice a year. It is 100 miles from Washington and took three days to get here. Other than the letters he wrote to the builder while the home was under construction, the most authoritative source is from his granddaughter whom he brought here starting when she was seventeen.

It is a fascinating story when put into the time line of events that was taking place in Jefferson's life. To top it off we had warm sunshine when we walked the grounds after the guided tour inside.

Later in the day we visited the old Lynchburg City Cemetary, which is another post. Then we went to Olivia's rehearsal at Liberty's Ice Center. Pictures of that will follow when we go home.
More later.

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