Friday, May 08, 2009

In Richmond

We got into Richmond this afternoon about three. We checked into our hotel, which is where the reception will be held and then drove to the church. Rehearsal was at 4:30 and by six we were eating a delicious Italian meal catered by "A Taste of Italy" a restaurant located near where Cindi and Rob live. Good choice. Barry's parents hosted. His big sister (husband is career Army just home from Iraq) and brother were there...nice were the other out of town family.

We got a chance to visit with some of Rob's siblings (formerly from Clymer, PA, Indiana County my old stomping grounds in the summer of 1962.) We also got to see Bruce's sister Anne and her son Scott and his family. Their six month old is named Truman. Who'd a thunk it?

Some of us congregated in the lounge for an hour or so afterward and got our assignments for tomorrow. Nancy has to go to Cindi's house to do a repair job on the bride's maid's dress. Aleene and I will probably walk in the early morning then eat and kill time trucking folks too and fro. Dave and Miij arrive tomorrow afternoon, courtesy of Jill who will spend her spare time in Fredricksburg visiting Kent and and family. The boys had their tonsils and adenoids out Wednesday.

The wedding is at four and the reception is here at the Sheraton. The church is only about 3 miles from here...very direct route.

Sunday morning, Chick is seeing to it that we all get fed before we get started on our respective journeys home. The hotel wants us out of here by 11:00 because they are featuring a Mother's Day brunch for 400+ people. We want to be out of here too.

Back to Pittsburgh on Sunday...eight hours through some very beautiful country.

Oh yes, the word is here that some of the guests are awaiting Pappy's Blog on Sunday to see if the wedding met expectations. Hey, I gotta tell you something. If the weekend stopped now it would be a smashing success. Cindi and Rob (not to mention Carrie and Barry) have staged a very, very family oriented, guest favorable environment. But I will comment later. Too bad I can't furnish wedding pictures with it. That will have to wait. We are having a great time.

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