Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring at last

We've had three days in the seventies this week. The grass is growing, the trees are budding, the birds are... well, you get it. It is Easter season and time for some renewed life.

Our choir is singing four anthems on both services. I will be a wreck, vocally after proclaiming in double forte that He Is Risen! Too boot, I am the worship leader which means I do a lot of reading. It is a safe bet that Sunday afternoon (with rain predicted) I will be quiet and ready for a nap. It is fun to gear up for yet one more Easter, but then it is time to relax.

One of our choir members (a really good bass) is an engineer for a company that has him flying back and forth to Ireland. He was struck by the fact that on the Emerald Isle they take off Good Friday and the Monday after Easter. He was wondering what the significance of Easter Monday was. My only input was that it used to be (and still may be) that that was the usual Easter Break when we were in school. Good Friday, we understood, but why take off Monday. He says everything stops in Ireland on Monday. He was wondering if it was a RC thing? Any input?

I am up early for our Men's Breakfast. This is the day I eat my one egg and two sausage links with one piece of dry, whole wheat toast and get to listen to the wisdom of the ten or so folks around the table. Our Pastor is a great teacher and she and her husband are regulars. She reads and speaks Hebrew and reads Greek, so it is hard to pull a fast one on her about Bible translations, etc. She is the Scot that led us to Edinburgh last fall. What a treat to interact with her.

I give blood today to the Red Cross at GFU, and we are entertaining our contractor and electrician after lunch to go over kitchen remodeling plans.

If you, dear reader are so inclined, prayers for: Jeff, my niece's husband Terry who had a substantial part of his colon removed (not cancer), and for my friend Bill who two years a go had a kidney transplant and has some serious rejection problems going on. I don't often mention a prayer list, unless, of course, I know the persons well and their conditions demand our attention. These three fit the bill for my list. Prayer helps.

So rejoice, it is Spring, Easter, and Maundy Thursday!

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