Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Follow-up

Saturday the boys and their parents attended the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Newberg First. What a grand time. There were about 35 kids plus parents involved. There were several families from other churches there to boost our group of toddler to ten year-olds. Amy helped by bringing and inviting other Quaker children.

Sunday we sang our little hearts out (four numbers) at two services. Our organist laid a heavy foot to the old Easter hymns and some prelude-postlude and offertory compositions by Bach two of which were accompanied by our choir-director/trumpet player, Dick. It was great, swell, and all those other stops that are on a pipe organ. We came back home lilting.

The family came for ham supper after eating ham lunch at Nonnie's. Being good ham sports that they are, they ate well at both places.

Aleene and I are off to our respective Monday activities; she at FISH and me working down my list. Today is phone call day on the counter tops and sink. We are zeroing in on placing a order. The cabinets were ordered Friday. The new appliances begin showing up this Thursday, the oven leaves soon and the tear-out begins May 2. Yikes, that will be a mess, but we leave April 30 for Pittsburgh, so we will miss much of the dust.

I will keep you abreast of our project.

It is raining on and off typical of PNW weather. I walked early, but spent a half hour scraping moss off the back sidewalk. I did this three years ago when we settled in here, but this past year was a good one for moss. It is everywhere. Last week I washed two sides of the house to rid it of the green stuff. That's when it was 70 degrees and I didn't mind getting wet. I will wait for another summer outbreak before I tackle the other sides. They are not as bad.

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