Saturday, April 18, 2009

One more step....

The big (40") stove/oven left this morning leaving a gaping hole in the kitchen as it continues to emptied out. A friend of Bren's & Amy's, who was their renter before we moved in, got it. They only live a block away. They had a 40 incher when they moved in which died and at that time, three years ago, they asked for it in the event we were going to redo the kitchen. Well, here we are in 2009 and was looking for a good home. Magically, the time was now right.

Aleene confessed that she loved that stove (go figure why she would part with it if that is how she felt) but it is being replaced by a standard 30 incher and in our little kitchen, ten inches of counter space makes a difference. The new one is not anything special, but it does have a glass top which is something we have had for 30 years. I guess she will adapt ok.

So I think, "This is progress?" If it weren't for the expense, this a fun project...and one which will add real value to the place (I hope.)

The tearing out process begins Wednesday, so, we will be torn up for about six weeks.

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