Thursday, April 23, 2009

The kitchen started going away this week....

We made a calculation that the time was right to redo the kitchen. First, it was a new refrigerator (the old one clanked and rumbled); then it was the sink because the old one was 57 years old and was stained and scratched beyond repair.

To upgrade the fridge would require extensive cabnetry work since the old one was small and no longer standard size.

To upgrade the sink would be to mess with the counter top, which was in good shape (ceramic tile) but was most likely not matchable.

Then there was the storage space...we need more.

Only one thing left to do: start over.

The range was oversize and was coveted by a couple who were friends of Amy & Bren...alas...a good home. It could be replaced, too with a smaller, standard version. The dishwasher had to go. It had been an add on and was not "professionally" installed. It was showing its age.

So we had drawings made up and put in the order...the demolition began.

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