Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great stance

Truman had his first game last night...a cool April evening. He is in the Rookie league this year. They use an adult pitcher and are allowed five swings, then they can hit it off a Tee if they have not had success.

They do not keep track of outs, but rather end the inning when five runs are scored. So the game goes quickly and everybody hits.

Fielding is very dependent on the individuals. Grounders are not very well fielded, throws are often errant and catches are made about 50% of the time. The kids have fun. Truman's team is well coached, I thought.

We stuck around until we got cold...a wind started blowing. All in all it was great to see him throw and catch. He has a great arm for a seven year old, and Tru is a fast runner. Do I sound like a proud grandpa?

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