Saturday, March 07, 2009


It is "Florida weather" today as we got an early start by walking. We are in Sebring, the place we spent six weeks just three years ago. We walked up past our former camping spot and around the area where we would take the Lady Rose for walks. Good memories.

We drove up from Ft. Myers yesterday; about a hundred miles. Not much has changed over the past three years: flat, scrubland then orange groves. They are harvesting right now so there are big truckloads of oranges on their way to market on U.S. 27.

Temps have been unseasonally cool, which is ok with us northlanders; don't want to shock our bodies too much. Thursday we spent an hour at Ft. Myers Beach...crowded. It got into the low 80s that afternoon. Today the weatherman says 80+ for the next week. We are looking forward to that as we are now addicted to the warmth.

Willie and Dana are fine...Mark and his family were here two weeks ago and they are beginning to get over the hustle and bustle of three teenagers in the house.

No big plans for the week except that we are hoping to link up with the Sieverts on Monday or Tuesday for lunch. They are coming this way after a few days in Immokolee which is just south of here. After that we are not sure...flexible, as it were. We likely will leave for the Tampa airport from here come Saturday, however.

We are missing our little boys as we tell their great-uncles and aunts stories about them. They are enjoying the weekend at Rockaway, OR beach we understand.

We are drinking in the vitamin D. Can we get you anything?


Tacoma Amy said...

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago and it sounds much warmer now - lucky you! Get all the vitamin D you can - of course it is raining in Tacoma.

Have fun!!

Tacoma Amy

Tom said...

Tacoma, Amy...good to hear from you. We intentionally planned our Florida sojourn in March this year to assure warmth. We were here in January last year and it was cool then too. It just means you have to endure the cool dampness of the PNW winters a bit longer. But, alas, spring will be in the air when we return...

Leon & Kristy said...

Tom: Kristy and I will be in the Punta Gorda area the 10th to the 17th. Cell is 616-283-2144. email is motzbigr@gmail which I plan to check daily