Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting ready for some sun

We leave Tuesday morning for Florida. Both of Aleene's brothers are there: Don in Fort Myers and Willie in Sebring. We will visit Ft. Myers first.

Before all of that we have some serious packing-related decisions to make: will it be warm all the time and thus dictate that we take only short sleeves and and shorts, or do we pack a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt? Then there is the gadgetry: computer, Nano and asorted wires, cell phones and chargers, headsets and adapters for airline use, extra camera batteries, because you just never know. Since we are visiting family we can do some laundry, but, hey, you need your stuff.

Aleene and I really had a tough day today. We got up at seven, walked, ran to McMinnville for breakfast at Wildwood, then to Lowes (I'll explain later) then to the motor home to re-winterize because of the threat of cold weather while we are gone. When we got home we retooled and ran the other direction to Sherwood to Target; then, completely worn out, we came home for lunch. Later this afternoon we walked to the bank and stopped at the one of three/four coffee shops withing walking distance for a sugar-free, fat-free, vanilla latte. Yummm. We normally do not buy lattes, but, we are going on vacation, so why not?

We went to Lowes to price kitchen appliances. We are investigating remodeling our kitchen. That process has started and we need to get prices and ideas. Our little 1950s house is very functional, but the appliances and sink are very old and ready to give out. Once we start that process, we need to consider cabinetry and counter tops.

Back to Florida: we have no plans, but are considering visiting some folks we know that winter there in several areas, or driving to the Keys, or seeing a couple of grapefruit league games. We are taking our GPS (Suzie) along for comfort just in case we strike out on our own...too far.

While I think about me out here...should I try to get to my 50th HS reunion? We are going to be in Michigan that following week to visit Jeff and Mary, so it would take nothing but time driving to PA for a couple of days. Aleene has already volunteered me to go it alone, but I don't know. I am looking at the list of those already signed up and while I know many of them, well, you get the drift...should I put myself out by 800 miles (round trip) to spend a few hours with old classmates? Any suggestions?

We are ready for some sun...and warmth...beyond the 60 degrees we had last weekend when we went camping. That was nice, but it still frosts here most mornings. So, watch out Don and Bobbie and Willie and Dana...we are on our way.

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