Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back home at last

Pwhew...after jetting across country we got back to rainy Oregon precisely at mid-night. We got delivered precisely one hour later to our doorstep by our impragada, John, who was waiting for us as we strode off the plane. Thank-you, Mr. S. for picking us early in the morning when we left and picking us up last night.

We made it to church this morning...and I gotta tell you, our former organist who is now 88, played this morning. Her name is Hazel Mary and she is: (1) a delightful character, and (2) a very talented organist. Our regular organist, who is quite accomplished and downright good sets a very high standard. Hazel Mary, who is not afraid to compete with the best lets it all out on the pipe organ. She is small, yet spry lady and certainly knows her stuff. What a treat to come home to. We had organ, piano (alone and as a duet) bells, choir and drama well as good preaching. Jane was at her usual best.

Amy had 15 bean soup waiting for us after church, which gave us a chance to reunite with our boys. It was nice to be home again.

Our hats are off to the Big Brothers for taking such good care of us for the time away. I am sure it does not hurt that they really enjoy seeing their "baby" sister. We had a great time. We left flat, dry, sunny Florida for hilly, wet, partly cloudy Oregon...from one end of this vast country to the other in six hours. Thanks to all.

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