Friday, November 14, 2008

It quit raining....yesterday

I was quick to mention the rain, but slow to mention that it had stopped. The national news this morning showed washed out roads and slides in "The Pacific Northwest" making it sound like the entire region was flooded...not.

Tillamook, one of our favorite stops at the coast, did flood and there was a road washed out in the Coast Range, but that stuff happens every fall there. We had 2.5 inches over four days and the sun shone bightly both yesterday and today.

We have had really great weather here this fall...and I have a few leaves to rake. Funny how we only have one significant tree on our property, but we get tons of leaves...oh well, I will take the shade in the summer in exchange.

Ashie comes this afternoon and we will pick up Tru at school, so I will be wearing my Pappy hat which means I stay pretty close to help out (otherwise I might be flitting around who knows where.) But it is who cares?

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