Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Asher is 4

Ashie turns four today...he keeps asking his Mom if he is fourteen....? Anyhow, Aleene is baking a cowboy cake with all the trimmings. We are going over about six for the family event. He had some buddies in for cupcakes this afternoon.

Yesterday, Aleene and I were going to the mall...whipped out of our street and past the Luthern church on the cornere (Ashie's preschool) and there the little blokes were playing in their playground. He looked up just at the right time, saw us, waved frantically and we were off. On consulting with him this morning, I asked how he knew it was us. "You were driving your car," he said matter of factly. Yep, he was right and he saw we wave back. I know it is not much, but dealing with a four year old is getting more and more fun.

Sunday evening we went over for soup and Tru made a rather adult observation to which I thought....these next few years are really going to be fun.

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SLB said...

They stay young for such a short amount of time. We've had 2 birthdays in our house within the last month (13&9) Tru & Asher are lucky boys to have you there!!