Monday, September 01, 2008

Roger, I have the ball

Labor Day Retreat 021
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That is what the pilots on the FDR would say when they turned in to land and saw the "meatball" (the red-orange light) on the Fresnel Landing System. That is what I felt like saying as we banked to land in this 1930 model biplane we rode Saturday. Unfortunately, I did not have the camera....Aleene had it on the ground. So my friend Bill clicked away.

In this picture, we are headed north and you can see the Nestucka River flowing south and the Pacific (to the left) off the Cape (Kiwanda) at Pacific City. Parts of the river bottom are visible at low tide and looks, and is, full at high tide. It flows out of the Coast Range and empties into the Pacific just south of Pacific City at Bob Straub State Park.

Dick and Judy's cottage is on the river just past the air strip which is visible on the right. What a blast.

Here are the other pix taken aloft.

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SLB said...

What fun!!! The smile on your face says it all!