Sunday, September 07, 2008


Tom mugging
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I have a couple of PS tees that I wear. I am careful where I wear them. Saturday is soccer day, so I decided to go to the soccer field with my conflicted outfit on. The first guy I saw (dressed with a UO tee) said, "Hey, wait a minute." I had my Beaver hat on and...well you see the picture. In case you did not hear, PS won.

Truman played his best in the heat...and they won. We had the boys all night and they went to church with us this morning. B and A were in Troutdale for a concert (near the Columbia River.) We were all together for lunch. Can you believe that it was too hot at noon to eat outside in the sun? Yep...beautiful. Aleene got a chance to practice the choir number before the boys arrived.

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