Sunday, August 31, 2008

The beach at PC

The beach at PC
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We spent the weekend with the Jacksons at Dick and Judy's cottage in PC. What delightful weather we had...and...such a great time. Some of the pix show us in longies, but most of the time on both Saturday and Sunday it was 70ish. In fact, Sunday afternoon was hot.

The pix also show us flying in a biplane...see the other post...and, of course, we did the beach several times. We also walked the trail at Whalen Island, just up the road.

Dick and Judy got their cottage rehabbed this summer so we had the privilege of trying it out: new bathroom, new kitchen and some other work.

We drove back Sunday evening to beat the LD traffic. Great idea, by the way.

Our thanks to our hosts for a great three days....

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