Friday, August 15, 2008

Here we go again...100+

It must be August. Is the Dog Star present? Then it must be he Dog days of August. Pwhew.

The boys were here this morning. I took them out to the motorhome to help me with a few things, one of which was picking black berries. These are wild ones that grow up close to the RV. Asher ate his fill and Tru and I picked a few. We looked for snakes since I saw one out there sunning itself one day, then I carried the tale home. They wanted to see if it might still be around. No such luck.

Don and Bobbie arrive tomorrow evening. They are on Victoria Island, BC...up the road...for the week. Not sure when they get off the ferry, but we do not expect them until the evening. It will take them a while to get down here from there.

Not much else. I got called to help move furniture in the morning...ugh. I am not looking forward to that on two counts, first it will be hot, second, my "heavy lifting" partner will not be there. I no longer can go it alone on that end. We will see...

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