Friday, August 22, 2008

Checking up on the past

My "Site Meter" at the end of the blog tells me about people who visited. I do not know names or exact places, but it does tell about the server and the PC they are using. For instance I can see that their ISP is Verizon, or Comcast and I can see it is from Salem, OR or one of a number of locations in Michigan. It also tells me how they got to my blog. Most come from the address, but sometimes they come from a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Today someone searched looking for "putt, putt golf in Granberry, Texas. If I have mentioned any one or more of those words in a sequence and they come looking...there they are.

Out of curiosity, I sometimes follow those indicators to see what I said that triggered a search engine to show my site. What usually happens is I read my entry from that day and then begin to think about why I said what I said. The one in question today took me back three years to some camping trip we were on to Mears State Park in Michigan. Mark my words, here, someone will do a search for Mears and end up at this post. Anyway, it is about the only time I re-read a post. I really used to talk about Rose a lot. Hmm.

Don and Bobbie came and went...good visit. Too bad it was either too hot (100ish) or too wet (we got 3/4 inch on Monday/Tuesday) but we had fun. They called last night and they made it home in good fashion. They had a direct flight to DFW (1st class, of course), so four hours in the air isn't that big a deal for them.

The boys are here again today. Amy is working and her child care person is out of town. Tru and I went to the driving range this morning...he is doing quite well with Aleene's 9 iron. We ate Pogy's for lunch, and then washed the Honda. That was a blast.

Ashie is sleeping, Tru and Grammie are playing Lego and I am checking out old blog posts. So, there you have it. Oh yes, the weather is beautiful...75 degrees and sun. It doesn't get much better than that.

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