Thursday, August 14, 2008

90 degrees at 2000

Don't let anybody tell you the Pacific Northwest is always cold and rainy. We hit 99.7 this afternoon and it is supposed to be worse tomorrow. I don't know what the humidity is, but it is drier than I thought it might be. The record for tomorrow is 107 so you see, this is not that unusual.

I got back from Philly in good time last night. What a beautiful sight coming into Portland at 2030. You could see Rainier, Adams, St. Helens, Hood, Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack all the way to Sisters. I love how those snowy mountains loom so large at 35,000 feet, then get even larger as you come down to 10,000 on the final approach. I have seen them several times this summer and each time I smile to myself about their splendor.

Did I mention that I think U.S. Airways stinks? They charge $2 for water. Need I say more? I made two 5 plus hour flights in two days and spent $4 each way on water...not pop or beer or juice...water. They take you up there, dry you out and then charge you so you don't dehydrate. Give me a break. Charge more for the tickets for crying out loud. "Correct change is appreciated." Give me a second break.

Glad to be back...even if it is hot. By Saturday it will be closer to normal. Remember most of us do not have central air conditioning. Our wall unit has kept the living room cool and about this time the outside temp is lower than the inside temp and then we open up and turn on our fans...but not tonight.

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