Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Got my traveling shoes on....

My friend from Holland and I put together a very ambitious travel schedule for May, June, and July as I visit seven of their plants in the Midwest and East. It reminds me of what I did at H&C the last full year I was there. Very ambitious indeed. But it will be fun...I hope. The plus is that when I visit the near-Pittsburgh location, I will take a couple of days over the weekend to spend with Dave and Jim. That comes in mid-July if our plans hold.

Our plans for Scotland are taking shape, too. Two weeks from Sept. 19 - Oct. 3. This is a work mission with us living in homes of parishioners of the church putting up with us for the stay. But it is not all work and no play. They say they take us on tour on the church bus about every other day. I will doubtless have more to say as we get closer to September, but for now...we are anxiously awaiting the time to fly...for 13 hours.

Of course, I mentioned our Trans-Lant cruise from Barcelona in early December. I call it Trans-Lant because that is how they would say it...in the Navy. This is with my mediation friend's group (we cruised with them five years ago.) I did a program for him last week here in Oregon and it went really well.

The yard is blooming already this year. Aleene has done a masterful job in designing and planting. I do the heavy labor and give her encouragement. It is much more to our liking after the condo with postage stamps to plant. But why not, it is one of the reasons we are here...the yard, the kids and the ability to travel. Glad I kept all those frequent flyer numbers.

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