Thursday, May 01, 2008

Choir practice

I have been singing in our choir for two years now. Aleene joined the following September. It is a very talented group of 25-30 (we usually sing with 28). While the median age of the choir is perhaps not as old as the rest of the congregation...there are lots of working age people involved...there are some older members. A week ago the husband of one of the older women died.

Last night at practice we put on our robes and made a video of the song we were scheduled to sing Sunday. Sarah (the widow) wanted it for the funeral service today. It went well...except for those of us who really look at those types of things to see how we fit in. There I am towering above everyone and with the way the light was shining looking balder than ever. Usually that does not bother me, but the stark realization could not be denied.

The saving grace is on the other end of the back row is my friend John who also is also six-four (John has lots of black hair, however.) Aleene and John and I agreed as we looked at the video we were "book ends."

I also had a colleague at Fox ask me if it was ok for him to say that I looked like Carl Maldon? I said it was and quickly put my hand to my nose; "no way," I thought. Then yesterday I was riding to McMinnville with a gentleman who was born in 1935 and he asked, "Did you ever think you would be this old?" In some ways I feel blessed to still be here, but getting back to the choir issue, is that I think they should just play the audio and forget the video camera. We sounded great.

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