Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh cool...

Site Meter tells me how many and who have visited my blog recently. I don't know by name of course, but I know who your ISP is and where that is located. When I see a strange visitor I usually try to figure out who they are. For example, if they come to my site through a Google search the meter will tell me that. It shows the words they used for the search and what Google showed them. Of course, they get to me because Pappy's Blog is in the word title someplace. Oh cool. A new reader.

The other day an ISP showed up from a K12 (school) site so I clicked on the detail to find out who was Googling what. The words "Pappy's Old Blog" appeared on Google and several choices poped up including mine. But there were others too and I clicked on one to go to the blog and this is what I found. Sometimes I resemble that site...or at least feel that I do.

We had a busy week last week...Aleene went to Fish and I to the VA hospital again on Monday. SMART for both of us on Tuesday; helped at a diversity workshop at Fox on Thursday and then teaching on Thursday evening. Yesterday I checked papers and got a chance to listen to the Hope-George Fox girls play. If you did not know, Hope won. I also had some conversations with a former associate from Holland who is interested flying me back to Holland to do a workshop. That may happen...obviously, if it does I will let you know.

When I get going in class, the phone begins to ring and the emails fly. Most of my students are graduating in April, so this is their last class and they are very focused in finishing strong. They are fun to be with.

Palm Sunday tomorrow...I am still driving the van for the month...and we are doing a dramatic presentation for Holy Week. Oh yes, two choir numbers tomorrow.

Next week I am back at the VA hospital for a few hours and then all the class related events. Spring break is the following week and we have a spot at Champoeg (Sham-poo-ee) for a few days. I am sure the boys will each spend a night.

About 10:00 this morning the phone rang and it was Asher. "Pappy, do you have any junk for my dad's truck?" I replied that yes, I did. "Oh cool," he said. A few minutes later there they were...Asher grinning from ear to ear riding shotgun (in his booster seat) with his dad to pick up my stuff before they loaded up and went to the dump. Truman drew the straw to ride to the dump since only one can ride in the truck at a time. Pappy's Blog is where you find it all. "Oh, cool."

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