Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's up?

What do these pictures indicate? Well, the boys are here for supper tonight (Amy teaches and Brendon isn't home from work), so after home work, after play and after much pleading, they get to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons. Even Frodo is in on the fun. We get some free on demand things, one of which is the Cartoon Network, so by golly, the boys will do anything...including sitting quietly next to each watch a half hour of T&J. Most of these are from the 1947-1951 era, so it is likely I saw them too.

I told Tru the other day he has seen more Tom & Jerry this winter than I did in my lifetime. Other than the wild outcomes, it is a pretty safe show.

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SLB said...

Ryan LOVES Tom & Jerry too! Bradley loves the History and Discovery channels...