Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catching up

I have a site meter on the blog which tells me when someone has been there reading or looking. It does not tell me who was there, but rather where they are from an how they got there. Most log on directly, but some get there by Googling one or more topics that I have commented on over the years. A recent visitor got there because they were searching for HR blogs. Landing at Pappy's was probably a disappointment since I have ceased commenting much about HR here...that used to be my other blog. And while I do not anticipate boring my regular readers with comments about HR stuff, sometimes when I discuss my class work (since I am currently teaching at Fox) some will sneak through.

Today is a general blog about the past few days.

We have not imbibed in many athletic opportunities at Fox; we do have good intentions. I pledged to Aleene that I was going to walk over to the field house and watch a basketball game this winter. That did not happen. And now the women's team got into the Division III NCAA tournament in the "sweet sixteen" which is the quarter finals, I think, and are playing Hope women in Texas on Friday. Hope is the top seed at 29-0 and the Bruins are the low seed at something like 23-4. So, when you think of the dynamics that are in play of two relatively obscure D III colleges with names hardly recognized outside of their respective regions and the ties we have to both...whew. Thirty five years ago I was a student at Hope...thanks to LaMont...who got me advanced placement at GVSU grad school. That is not the only connection, to be sure, but personally the closest. Now I teach at Fox where both Amy and Bren got their Master's degrees...Bren works there and Amy now teaches there, also.

Gary called to remind me of the pairing and I disappointed him by already knowing about it. Since I teach there I get emails from all sorts of Fox people. The president, who is our neighbor by two blocks, sends out an all U email about "things" and I got that yesterday morning. It mentioned the facts of the game, but said the Lady Bruins were playing Hope University. I almost did not tumble...almost. The Bruin web site has it right, however, so I will not write to Robin and tell him he made an error. Good luck girls.

Yesterday was my second day at the VA hospital. I felt very welcomed there. Three gentlemen welcomed me into their rooms and we talked. Amy asked who these guys were. They could have incurred injuries when in the military, or could be someone like me who served without injury, but now finds themselves without coverage. There are very few there from the current Iraq conflict. I see mostly old guys who were injured in Vietnam and have been in the system for years. I will likely go there for a few hours on Mondays when Aleene is working at the food bank. She feeds the hungry while I comfort the sick.

I bought tickets for Michigan last week. We are renting a cottage in Boyne City for a week's visit between July 27 and Aug. 3. We decided to stay put this year and not run around. Those of you who are so inclined, plan on meeting us for dinner some night or an afternoon walk on the shore of Lake Charlivoix (gosh, I hope I spelled that right.) Anyway, mark your calendars, it is going to happen.

Gotta go...time to read at school at noon...

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Jeff Lutz said...

It's Charlevoix :-)