Saturday, March 08, 2008

Teaching again

I began my six weeks of teaching on Thursday. In fact, I am doing a two hour block of a seminar on race this Thursday as well. This will be like the stuff I did at Aquinas when I was co-facilitating with Dr. Robbins.

The class went well. HR is HR. Some love it, others loath it. I try to make it serious, but at the same time approach it in a way that gives solution options to the traditional HR issues and problems. For example, laying off folks is very difficult and touchy stuff. One women in class just got downsized this week and still has a positive attitude about her company pretty much because of the way the RIF was handled. She becomes a teaching moment. We all learned from her.

I ran into the diversity coordinator at Fox through Bren a few weeks ago. He linked us up. Mr. Ford grew up near Eau Clare, MI and spent time at Adrian and graduated from MSU. He served as a counselor at Penn State before he became diversity coordinator here. He really challenged me with questions and ideas. Then he says... "how would you like to teach two hours of this sucker?" Once more, an old white guy becomes a champion for the diversity programs that tend to be headed by p.o.c. Very interesting dynamic.

So it is back in the saddle again as Gene Autry used to sing. Out where a friend is a friend... I am teaching once more and still enjoy it.

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