Thursday, October 18, 2007

So what if it is raining?

After some delightful weather the last two weeks, it began raining Monday. You have to experience the Oregon rain, because it rarely mirrors Mid-West rain. It is seldom hard, seldom has thunder or wind. It is a misty event that gives you the feeling you are in the area of one of those fog machines they set up on the sidelines of football games when it is hot.

The other thing is that after sunrise, the rain frequently stops and the by late morning or noon, the sun comes out (they call them "sun breaks" or shorter "sun blinks".) Today was atypical. Yes, it misted and the sun came out, a bit, but we had wind today. They trumpeted it on the is coming, here it is, there it goes. Now this is a 20-30 mph event in most. The coast, on the other hand, had winds approaching 100 mph. By 4:00 p.m. the grass was dry, it was 60 degrees, so I got out the mower...takes about ten minutes. If you remember, I will have to mow, at least once, each month this winter.

I love Oregon weather.

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