Saturday, October 13, 2007

Got crab?

Our choir director, Dick, Bill (both friends from church) and I went crabbing this weekend. We stayed in Dick & Judy's cottage in Pacific City.

Dick was our teacher and as you can see in the bottom photo is draining (after cooking in boiling water for 20 minutes) one of the six crabs we caught on Friday. Six is the limit for one person; we had two licensed people in the boat, so that means we caught half the limit. We caught more, but they have to be of legal size and gender. The girls get to swim another day...

Bill, Dick and I drove down to P.C. Thursday evening and headed out to Netarts Bay (just up the road a few miles) to crab on Friday morning. The weather was perfect and it was crowded...very crowded with boats. We laid six pots baited with chicken and pulled them, threw them back and pulled them many, many times. We were on the water over three hours.

Today Bill and I (after Dick cleaned and cooked them) took them to eight women we know (Aleene and Judy, Dick's wife included among the eight) who were doing a women's retreat in Lincoln City. The were going to pick the body and claw meat for crab salad. These crabs were very nice...very loaded with meat.

Bill and I drove back home after that...Dick stayed in PC for a few hours with the boat so he could do some chores around the cottage. If you want to see more, look here.

Dick and I have choir we came home today. Three ladies, on the other hand, are taking a pass on choir.

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