Sunday, August 05, 2007

We made it the kids would say. That is how I would describe our trip in general and the return flights home. We left Holland at 12:30 and motored the obligatory three hours to DTW...stashed the car and checked in in plenty of time; time enough even to get exit row seats on both legs of our journey. Blearie-eyed, we met Bren on his second pass around the airport and he whisked us home with narry a hitch.

I got up for the men's breakfast at 7:00 and think I will golf in our outing this afternoon at 1:00....I am paid, so I might as well take part. It will be ugly, however.

Thanks to all who made our return to our roots such a pleasing experience. All the efforts, all the food, all the fellowship. It was great. Now back to reality (which, of course, is the retired life.) As you know, I do not like to use first and last names in the blog because you become a marked person forever in cyberspace, but to Marilyn, Wes, Margot, Duane, Bob and Donna, Jon and Lori, Barb and Tom...Nancy, Bob, Sam, Ada, Kara, Brent, Nick, Kelly (how did you grow up so fast?) Thanks for the extra efforts. Did I miss anyone from Holland?

Jeff, Mary, Kaleb, Karlie, Brandon,Trisha, Ben and made our trip special to see how everyone pulls together to make life work for each other. Good things will come from that.

Dave, Midge, Jim, Nancy, Chick, Bruce...whew...the list goes on. We love you all.

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