Monday, August 06, 2007

Back in the traces

I golfed yesterday...for the first time this season. This was a scramble for the men's group at church. I was going to wiggle out, but decided to go; I was prepaid and I wanted to see if I could still swing a club. The outcome was predictable: 30% of my shots were ok. It may have been 40%.

I golfed with a guy I know from church and a father and son duo from McMinnville UMC. Father was my age...son was a thirty something hitter. Whew, he was good. They saw my Nittany Lion cap and asked if I could recommend Gettysburg as a place to visit on a trip east for them. Well, they asked the wrong person because I waxed so knowledgeable about the Civil War and Gettysburg it was embarrassing. A simple yes would have been ok. But I had to go on about how Aleene and I dated there and how we just visited there again three years ago and how I just read two books this spring about Gettysburg. It was awful. But I think they will stop there anyway.

We shot par golf for the tourney, but did not win anything. The winners were three teenagers and one adult. Some of the "boys" were on the NHS golf team. I am not sure who the older guy was. The sophomore I knew from church and he was on my scramble team last year. I guess he was motivated to improve his chances so he went recruiting. We had fun. Aleene came out to the course near the end to enjoy the lunch that some of our men put together. I ate way too much.

The kids came to the house after church for sandwiches. It was good to see them. Asher was here for a while this morning while Amy and Tru went to the dentist. They are off with Grammy now buying crickets for the Gila Monster-like critter they are keeping for a neighbor. We get to feed Spike later in the week when the younger set heads off to Vacaville and the redwoods for a week of camping. They are always going someplace we would like to see. We get to feed Spike, the cats and keep Frodo for our part.

Got my haircut, bought a pound of our favorite coffee and a made a quick trip to the hardware store for the afternoon projects, so I would guess that things are getting back to normal.

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