Friday, August 03, 2007


The time is close at hand when we will be wrapping up our whirlwind trip east. Tomorrow we leave at noon the DTW. The rental will have just over 1400 miles on it since we picked it up last week. But before we go, there is one more doins tonight. Marilyn says there will be 18 here for could be 28, or 38 or 48 and we would not see everyone that we would like to.

We did down town last night with the street artists. I saw some H&C folks and a former HH person and we talked to Chad and Mary Jo. Gladys was with them and while looking frail, she knew us immediately. So many changes.

Bob asked what I missed most...the Farmer's Market I replied without thinking. We have great veggies in Newberg, but no one central place, nice place to choose from the cornicopia that is on the end of 8th Street. Not sure I will be able to venture there early tomorrow, but I might. Wes took me on a tour of the school complex at Fennville and we visited the church to see the new carpet. All very nice, indeed.

Thanks to everyone...everywhere for making this an especially nice vacation...Dave and Midge, Jim and Nancy, Duane and Dotty, Jeff and Mary, Wes and Marilyn....we could not have done it without you all. Tonight we will be able sit with some very special people that made our 35 years in Michigan so memorable.

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