Friday, August 24, 2007

Pacific City in August

Here we are at our favorite beach location. We do not have a primo parking spot, but hey, we are here and we come for the ocean anyway...just steps away.

Tru came along with us, so our activities are centered around kid stuff. I read a book (a shortie) already and have a good WiFi connection.

Low tides...such as they are...are in the very early morning and late in the afternoon...not the best. The lowest tide in the afternoon is still almost 3 feet above mean so the tide pools are covered. The low tide in the a.m. are moving between five and six a.m. and are about 3 feet below mean...which is to say if we want to see creatures, we have to get up in the dark. Our last day here, Monday, promises better opportunities...IF...we want to get going before seven.

This weekend is promising to be least this is the reason that we are located in the back forty. We have good cable and the swimming pool is available, but crowded, too. The best thing about this spot is the WiFi. We are sitting up on a hill and I can get several signals.

Tru is getting his grammy-known food favorites. That means that the eating is mighty good. He especially liked my grilled chicken last night. I heard him negotiating for more bites as late as 8:00. Good to see the boy eat. He even had a visit from the tooth fairy the first night we were here. I sniff tested the dollar for fairy dust and yep, it was positive. Grammy thinks I am nutz.

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