Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday...back to normal

It rained all night, last night...haven't had that kind of moisture in weeks. More is on tap for tonight. The official tally was 1/3 inch...not that much, but a nice drink for a dry summer's day.

I have been taking lessons on the sound board at church. Today it was my turn to run it alone under the supervision of the guru. Devon is a neat guy. He was in communications in the AF and actually was one of the duty operators at the White House in the early 1980s. He knew who was and who was not authorized to get connected to the Oval Office. I have been taking my turn driving the church van, too. My turn comes up again for the first two weeks in September. Speaking of church in September, I was asked to preach the 23rd. Never a dull moment.

We had dinner with our preacher and her husband along with two other couples that we do things with on Friday evening. Mr. preacher is the guy I go rafting with so I know John pretty well. The other two guys I frequently have coffee with. Good fellowship and very good food. Jane is from Scotland and her dishes always have a Scotish twist.

After church the kids stopped by for lunch. Brendon was leaving for a two day faculty/staff retreat for GF. They hold it at the Quaker camp at the Coast. So they had to keep going, but Aleene and I walked over for stories at bedtime. It breaks up the time for Amy and the boys.

We leave for the Coast on Wednesday. Tru is going along. We are only going for five nights because of schedules. He will stay the entire time. Not sure what we will do all the, walk, check out tide pools, play games, nap (me) and who knows what else.
Getting ready to go is a lot of work, especially for Aleene, but the weather is supposed to be beautiful for the next week and this will be the last trip of the summer...especially with Tru. We may get off someplace in late September or middle October.

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