Saturday, August 25, 2007

Great day at the coast

Not every day is great (weather-wise) here on the Oregon coast. Most days do not get above 70...the water is never "warm" and it rains a lot here. But during the summer there are those days that are "perfect;" today was one of them.

Being Saturday we anticipated a crowd...we were not disappointed. We took our lead from the fact that there was no wind this morning. Yesterday was sunny and warm, but the north wind blew sand all over the place when we were at the beach. We hid behind a dune for about an hour, but that was not a great day. Today was different.

We went down...chairs, toys, camera, binoculars, snacks, the works...about 10:30. Tru and Aleene made a sand castle and I made some phone calls...Minnesota, Michigan, PA...just to see how the folks were holding up under the weather.

The longer we were at the beach the more we realized we were in for a treat. The surf picked up, the dory fleet was active and people began to arrive in droves. We had our spot right where we wanted it...until...well, until two vehicles pulled up (they drive on the beach here) and out jumped a nine person volleyball team and their coaches. Yep...a college team of girls all ready for fun in the sun. They did not disappoint. After testing the spot (adjacent to us) for access to water, etc. Then they got into their beach volleyball outfits and began to practice. By this time Aleene and Tru were done playing sand castle, so her job was to supervise me. (Just kidding.)

We came back to the camper about 1:00 for lunch and an afternoon of reading and resting. By late afternoon the clouds moved in and we headed inside our camper to get in out of the cool temps. Things change very quickly at the Oregon coast.

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